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  • Monica collie comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Good note to the bar of the site. Very nice people, friendly and sympathetic. Fabulous food and great attention.
  • Pili comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Hi, my comment is positive in all aspects: Went on 9 February, a group of 16 people Valencia and ate there, very good homemade food, generous portions, lots of variety of teas and great price. Demetrio was our waiter and our chef Dani. Congratulations on your work and much success.
  • Camping Sierra de Javalambre comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • We are the new managers, of the now Camping Sierra de Javalambre. We are striving in improve facilities and in fix any defect. Thank you very much for those positive comments and also for the not so positive, because they help us to know what we need to improve. We trust that will give us the opportunity to show the results of a hard work. Thank you very much.
  • Michel comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Not if it's the same camping that discusses my predecessors, but where I was in September 2012, one night, (Villa de Manzanera, after Barracas) not look anything, the toilets and showers left much to be desired and like the other services. I think is the same, is next to a gas station closed, and the entrance of the Villa de Manzanera. To my suspense.
  • Maria comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • The camping is new management, the bungalows are clean and there is always hot water. Overall everything is clean.
  • Manuel comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • People, location, excursions and cleaning. All ok.
  • Mayte comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • The place is beautiful and the bad reviews should no longer put as this neat and clean everything. Go and see it is this good.
  • Basilio comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • I went to this camp for many years, but I always thought that it could have more owners attended, as though ami I like, I can not recommend it, for its state of neglect, I hope the new management get more probecho know, as I think you can get, we are good for the pillar, they do a very good holiday
  • Santigo comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • The camping has a new management, I invite you to come to know and apologize for previous comments. Thanks in advance.
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