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  • Matrimonio comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • We love this camping, if we can this coming month, try to mount a caravan there, and at night not getting overheated. And on the day breathing in the smell of pine trees. For me it is if not the most, at least one of those better environment in terms of nature. Fresh air and the beach nearby, within walking distance.
  • Anonim@ comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Many years ago I go to this camping and is always the same, but it seems a privileged place, but I miss him, well I will continue going until it's closing time.
  • moñiguera comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Its facilities are not very good but I feel very comfortable, you been there recently, what I like most is the environment, and do not like traps in the campground, they believe owns everything.
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