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  • Josep Maria comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • We were eight days in summer 2012. The setting is beautiful and the people very welcoming Otsagabia.\r\nOn the site, there is no face care to campers and is mounted as a business over bar / restaurant for a campsite. It seems that they care little campers as we had to wash the dishes in the laundry pile, the hand dryer unplugged always, always off lights, etc.\r\nThe campground is closed at night, because on one end put a plastic chain that picks up the first thing that happens, next to a noisy wooden bridge. On the other side is always open, as it is a way where they have right of way of the people to hit the road.\r\nAt night passing without respecting choches and schedules, or speed, or silence (spent choche to 1am honking).\r\nThe bar closes at night, but the tables and chairs on the terrace remain clients of the people (not campers) do not respect the silence at all.\r\nOn leaving reception shows our complaint and put a complaint form like our neighbors plot.\r\nWhat we outraged response was: If they were so bad, why did not complain until time to go?. Because we do not like to complain and to remedy, but seeing the passivity in the face of the campers, I doubt it happens. Surely not return.
  • Carlos comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • The summer of 2011 we were camped in the camping Osate (Ochagavia) after our disagreement with the facilities, as expressed at the reception at different times, we turn to describe because we do not recommend this campsite. Part of the site is fenced and has security over, as evidenced in the robbery inside the store our camping neighbors. There was a fire near the campground, we used plots extinguishers to extinguish the fire (of course very effective and brave), but the rest of the 8 days we stayed at the camp were not replaced these extinguishers. At the entrance to the campsite is a noisy wooden bridge that is heard throughout the day and you just putting the noise in the head, waking up from 7 in the morning and waking up the children at night to 12 who closed. Dirt baths and showers is extreme, you do not know where to support the need for washing and clothes on the bank of showers you can get away with including web. Of course, if you can take a shower because the shower water burns. The lighting in some plots at dusk and at night is not lit, so you have to venture to the bathroom flashlight in hand. Waste bins sinks remain full of garbage, flies and wasps until the next morning. I must admit that the environment is very nice and the people of Ochagavia, but certainly not the next time we turn this post knowing camping there as an alternative other campsites nearby.
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