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  • Juan Diego Aldana comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Incredible facilities, staff and surroundings. If you want to have fun in their themed pools, or play basketball, tennis, paddle etc ..., play sports with the monitors, see their wonderful performances for different ages, do not let me tell you about it go to live ...., . TOTALLY RECOMMENDED
  • Maria del Mar comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • The camping is great, ideal for kids (much entertemimiento and activities for them). The beach is a short walk, but it is a very nice ride without traffic. The only bad thing is that they are extending the facilities, and warn of the work zone, which put us right next door and there was no way to rest, but fortunately this is a temporary situation.
  • ana comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • An ideal place to go camping with the family.
  • bengamin comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • camping in general is pretty good I think if any year Eremos
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