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  • Cesar Asturias comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Adrian comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Good morning everyone, really agree more with the previous review, since I've been in August, when Portonovo parties, and the truth is that I loved the experience. I really settled in a plot, I wanted in another area but I explained that there were many young people, and where they put the truth was very comfortable, I love nature you breathe there, the family atmosphere, the truth is that they are very close to the people, from what I've seen, is a very familiar. Only Saturday I happened to be at the camp, the bathrooms were a little chaotic, but it is normal, my god! I do not know how many people had in this camp, but it was a lot, is not the same as 10 people is 50, 8 night I spent with my two children aged 3 and 7 years, one day we can say that were not very good. Actually if you follow all good, hope to return this year, because my children do not want to go somewhere else. A greeting.
  • Asturias comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • 4 years I've been vacationing in this camp, and for me this luxury. The noise, if not cojes a plot near the youth, no problem. Sometimes are worse the older the young. The cards in and out is very good, unless you want to leave without pay or you get people on your plot and not pay for them.
  • Noelia comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • My opinion about this camping is clear, despite us supposedly installed in an area for young people, any shade d voice in a simple conversation was annoying from 12 at night and although rules would have q be quiet I think the acting excessive surveillance, making uncomfortable staying at the campsite. It's full of prohibitions incoherent as closing the showers when they have automatic closure and although I must respect the enjoyment of all q would have to find the right size for q both going to enjoy young and old who want to relax, enjoy. Expereriencia was really my bad.
  • mercedes comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • We go every year, but should take care more for families, and above all I miss drains to other campsites caravans if they are also more careful baths, for that only is visible next to the pool , the other a penalty.
  • rosana comments:
    Más de 2 meses
  • Youth seems to me a great camping! located in a good area with party sites and beaches surrounding it ... Now to go as a family seems a little risky, despite the measures taken so that everyone is fit. It's a campsite where the majority is youth wanting to party and although from the 12 I can not make a sound, cost-respecting muxo because of alcohol. I go every year but because I am young. I recommend it to all youth and families looking for another, that Galicia campsites abound. for all tastes and ages.
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